Content Warning

This production contains extreme coarse language (including blasphemy), ableism, references to and depictions of sexual assault (including explicit references to rape and incest), homophobia (including homophobic slurs), drug and alcohol consumption, fat phobia, references to suicide, explicit bodily fluids, classism. Upstream is recommended for a mature audience ages 18+.

Upstream by Holly Franich

Streamed at February 18, 2022 7:10pm

No one ever leaves the Central Coast. It collects white bogans like dust on an incel’s wallet condom. But, if you keep calling it home, one day it’ll start to feel like it. As the end of high school looms overhead, asshole teen, Lola, and the graduating class of 2014, must navigate the rudimentary social pressures of a town stuck in the past. Growing up on the poor side of the street, Lola must save for the dreams that her neighbour, Alex, so freely imagines for them. All she has to do is graduate without incurring any permanent deficits like suicide or children.

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