Content Warning

This production contains coarse language, violence, depictions of abuse (physical and emotional), depictions of PTSD, racial violence, racism, racial slurs, child abuse and death. True Blue: Rob is recommended for a mature audience.

True Blue: Rob by Matthew Bostock

Streamed at February 18, 2022 6:10pm

Brisbane, 1967. Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War is escalating. The 1967 Referendum has yet to be voted on. The White Australia Policy was still enacted. This is the environment where Rob, a white Australian veteran, finishes his tour and returns home with his new wife Shirley, a Chinese-Malay woman, and their four-year-old son, John. Adjusting to life back home, however, proves harder than what he and his young family thought. Rob and his family must navigate what living in Australia means, and what it costs to stay. The pilot episode of the mini-series ‘True Blue’, explores the relationship between racial assimilation and abuse, with this episode and the series beyond looking at the question from an immigrant’s perspective: “What does it really mean to be Australian?”

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