Content Warning

This production contains coarse language and references to kidnapping and human trafficking. Viewer Discretion Advised. Subject to change. The Lost and Found is recommended for a mature audience ages 18+.

The Lost and Found by Declan Coyle

Streamed at February 16, 2022 7:10pm

There’s a building where all lost objects go. But what happens to lost people? Ollie and Jamie’s daughter went missing one year ago. Aimlessly living in a loop, having lost hope of finding her, Ollie takes a job reuniting people with their missing items at a local lost and found to fill the void in her heart. Jamie struggles to find the will to break the cycle. Ollie finds peace in returning lost items with her somewhat cynical but genuinely caring co-worker Lina. It’s only when her daughters’ items begin to turn up in the inventory that a fire within Ollie is reignited.

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