Content Warning

This production contains references of rape and references/depictions of animal cruelty. MT MADDOX is recommended for a mature audience ages 18+.

MT. MADDOX by Michael McStay

Streamed at February 14, 2022 6:10pm

Yeah, look – I’m as a patriotic as they come. But I completely understand wanting to secede from Australia.’ Conservative journalist Grace Cullen is put on assignment to interview the family of the eccentric anarchist/anti-vaxxer/alien-truther Victoria Maddox, who has terraformed her humble farm into the sovereign state of Mt. Maddox. There, Grace becomes tangled in the relationship of Dusty Green, an inventor and self-imposed capitalist exile, and Layla Maddox, Victoria’s daughter and an extra-terrestrial-sexual (that means she’s into Martians). Slowly, Grace learns to shed her strict religious upbringing and indulge her radical side. And who can blame her? It’s a free country.

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